New Books!!!

I am so excited for all the new books I got today! It is finally beginning to feel like summer and there is nothing better than laying out in the sun with a good book. I am currently still trying to finish one (even though it is taking me some time, over 2 years) and got six more today. It is my goal to finish them all this summer. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies and recently in my crazy busy life I havent had much time for it. So I am going to go all out and read as much as I can while I have the time! Ready, Set, Read!


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Sorry for all the changes. I am trying to update my blog and add some flavor to it. I have decided to take a little different approach to how I structure my book reviews by adding some different elements. If anyone has any suggestions or things they would like to see in my post let me know. I am open for suggestions and opinions!

Beautiful Creatures: Movie Edition

After I finished reading the book, Beautiful Creatures, I was so excited to watch the movie. I like seeing how someone else has interrupted the book, to see if I shared the same visions as someone else. About 10 minutes into the movie I was ready to shut it off and move on. It infuriates me how little work they put into research and doing this movie. I am aware of the fact that somethings cannot be done and there is only so much time in a movie, 80 minutes to 120 minutes on average compared to 300 to 500 pages.  I just found it so crazy on how they had missed, left out of changed such simple details that I found important in the book. The first thing that I noticed that made me made was the date of Lena’s 16th birthday, the battle of Honey Hill and the claiming (all that fall on the same day). I think I understand in a way why they changed it, but there was no need. In the book it is such a big date and important to the rest of the story. Other small things like the car Lena drove (which was supposed to be  a hearse) was different in the movie and the fact that she drives a hearse in the book adds to the fact that she is an outcast and not liked by the people of the town. Other things wrong were:

– Links dad was not dead in the book

– Amma was not the one that ran the library

– Ethan and Lena found the locket together (it meant something and that’s why they found it together)

– There was no Boo Radley which played a huge role in the book (the dog of Macon Ravenwood)

– Characters missing

– Larkin wasnt dark in the movie

– Hearing happened before other events (many things out-of-place)

– Missing the song (it was a big role in the book and should not have been that hard to add it to the movie)

Out of all of these things, the worst was the fact that I do not believe the movie ended right. So I guess there will not be a sequel. It did end to kind of set up for another film, but I am a huge stickler for book endings. It is a big pet peeve of mine whether it be the book ending portrayed in a movie or a book ending in a book. I just don’t understand how the film industry could mess up a movie so badly. They are idiots who need to learn how to read a book.

Book Made Movie

This is one of the worse things to ever happen, at least in my opinion. It is like the film industry does not know how to pick up  a book and actually read it. I understand fully that it is difficult to transform and portray all that is in a book onto a big screen. The thing that gets me is the little things, those little things that only book lovers would notice. Taking a book and creating into a movie is bad news! (Twilight I’m looking at you) Not saying the movies are always bad, but if you read the books sometimes the movies are ruined. The little details that are so easy to put into film are the ones they always seem to leave out. Whether it be a type of car, a specific date, or even the timeline of events, for me the movie is instantly ruined if these things are missing. Now I am not say all people in the film industry are incompetent. I believe there have been a few films that have been produced very well in regards to the content of the book. With all this being said, I am widening my horizons and I am going to be adding a book made movie edition. This will only apply to those books that I have read and are included on this blog, otherwise it could get real messy. As well as being a book lover, I am a huge movie fan!

Beautiful Creatures


….And with the closing of the hardcover book I have officially finished my first book of the summer! Keeping up with my current trend of reading it of course was of the supernatural genre. And of course this is the first book in a series. I always seem to do that, get invested in a book that belongs in a series and then proceed to go out and purchase all of them and read them within a short period of time.

“Mortals. I envy you. You think you can change things. Stop the universe. Undo what was done long before you came along.You are such beautiful creatures.”

– Macon Ravenwood

The forbidden love story is one as old as time. Lena and Ethan’s love is one of forbidden, intense, first love. With Lena being a Caster and Ethan a Mortal, there was not much hope for their future. An intense connection, which allowed Ethan and Lena to communicate telepathically and share dreams. Lena’s 16th birthday and future stood between her and Ethan. On a caster’s 16th birthday, one is claimed for either the dark or the light. Lena counts down the days until her fate is revealed and she believes she will go dark. Throughout the months up to her birthday, Ethan and Lena grew closer, which began to push Ethan out of the close-knit town of Gatlin. Gatlin was a true southern town with the closed-minded people and everything and no one liked or wanted Lena in Gatlin. With the information of her past and the curse that is on the females in her family, Lena’s power continued to grow.Feb. 11th, the 16th birthday of Lena, was a night to remember. Long lost mother appearing, dark and light casters, a surprise birthday power from the kids of Jackson high who were under the spell of dark caster Ridley, and the loss of a love one. Surely a night to never forget and for Lena it was just the beginning of an untold future as for Lena had managed to put off the claiming and extend her time with Ethan.

Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl did a fabulous job on this novel. I was very fond of the way in which they incorporated certain things like the song throughout the whole book, giving piece by piece throughout and putting it all together at the end. I was a huge fan of how casters were not just “witches” it makes it more interesting by added other “creatures” and “species “. I thought the end of the book was very well thought out and I am a picky about endings. It set up very well for the continuation of another novel. I believe the authors did a fantastic job setting the scene and really keeping to the true south feeling of exclusion. Its like the secret of the south, everyone sees them as hospitable but for most small towns they are very exclusive and do not like or agree with change. . I also enjoyed the use of latin and the fact that it was correctly used. I identified with Lena and being the strange new kid and outcast. I have never been a new kid in a small town I have also been in the Ethan role, but I know what it is like to be odd and a little strange and having a hard time being accepted sometimes. I feel like it is that way for many teens, not always feeling “normal” and like you belong.

“Claim yourself”

Beautiful Creatures, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Rating: 4/5

Genre: YA

Coming soon: Beautiful Darkness (#2 in Caster Chronicles Series)

To Follow: Beautiful Creatures: Movie Edition

Waiting For The Barbarians


I had to read this book for one of my Anthropology courses, but I actually read it and quite enjoyed it. J.M.Coetzee created this “Empire” which is supposed to be an imaginative society, but draws greatly on his South African roots. Like most Empires , this one is no different, exhibiting corruption, power-hungry military men and greed.  The Empire and the rulers are so quick to put blame onto those uncivilized people living outside of the Empire’s boundaries. Coetzee showcases the cruel punishment taken out on those who are viewed as lesser humans and not worthy of care and compassion. The Magistrate who is Coetzee’s main character and is the narrator and point of view of the novel goes through an inter battle between good and evil throughout the novel. In the end he begins to believe and feels ridden with guilt from the actions take by the Bureau and Empire.

Coetzee has a way about his writing, it drew me in from the beginning. He does such a great job going into great detail and really expressing his thoughts, but it is in such a way that one must stop and think for a second. His writing is so vague at times that it is hard to grasp onto what is actually happening that you must re-read or pause for a brief moment. It really opened my eyes to the true horrors behind the gates of such empires. Of course watching movies and reading history books show a little into the actions and events, but Coetzee did not hold back. You begin to feel for the Barbarians and The Magistrate becomes the villain. Coming up in a middle class society I have never had to face such discriminatory or cruel action. I can only believe how those people felt. The barbarians must have been so scared and confused, not being able to understand the people of the empire. The definition of human is questioned through the novel. The empire sees the barbarians as being lesser humans. The citizens of Empire treat those “barbarians” as animals and do not second guess their actions.

”Waiting for the Barbarians” renders a moment in our politics, a style of our injustice. Precisely this power of historical immediacy gives the novel its thrust, its larger and, if you wish, ”universal” value

– New York Times

Rating: 3/5

Genre: Speculative fiction

Shatter Me


Dystopian societies are all the rage these days. Shatter Me follows the trend created by our generation, a world following that in which we live right now, a world completely separate from the norm. Revolving around a girl named Juliette whose touch is fatal to all, The Reestablishment has captured the girl for fear of what she could do to the world they have created. Like most dystopian societies, love still exist and through all odds, prevails.

There is not much detail I can go into for the intense, mind bending plot starts from the very beginning. I believe that Tahereh Mafi did an incredible job making this book to be quite the page turner. I had a hard time setting it down because I was never quite able to predict or foresee the events that took place. I also enjoyed the character of Juliette. Knowing misfortune and the feeling of being alone, I was able to connect with her and understand her perspective. I was really enthralled by the language Mafi used through Juliette. The way Juliette talked about the moon and the rain really registered with me and I share some of the same feelings.

“Raindrops are my only reminder that clouds have a heartbeat. That I have one, too.”

Hanging from the edge of my seat , I was cheering on Juliette throughout the whole book, wanting her to receive a little bit of love and attention.Thats really how all teenage girls want, to not feel like an outcast that is feared and ignored by others. She showed bravery and courage and is what most young girls strive for and look up to. I feel like Mafi did a fantastic job at capturing that essence of being young and troubled and being able to find courage to persevere.



Rating: 4/5

Genre: YA Romance

Also in Series:  Destroy Me (Novella)

Fracture Me (Novella)

Unravel Me (#2 in the Shatter Me Series)

Summer Reading

I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything. It has also been a long time since I have had a spare moment to read. The end of the semester is always rough and crazy busy. But no worries! I am back for the summer edition! There will be many books, quotes and don’t forget about my opinionated self. Ready, Set, Summer!