Shatter Me


Dystopian societies are all the rage these days. Shatter Me follows the trend created by our generation, a world following that in which we live right now, a world completely separate from the norm. Revolving around a girl named Juliette whose touch is fatal to all, The Reestablishment has captured the girl for fear of what she could do to the world they have created. Like most dystopian societies, love still exist and through all odds, prevails.

There is not much detail I can go into for the intense, mind bending plot starts from the very beginning. I believe that Tahereh Mafi did an incredible job making this book to be quite the page turner. I had a hard time setting it down because I was never quite able to predict or foresee the events that took place. I also enjoyed the character of Juliette. Knowing misfortune and the feeling of being alone, I was able to connect with her and understand her perspective. I was really enthralled by the language Mafi used through Juliette. The way Juliette talked about the moon and the rain really registered with me and I share some of the same feelings.

“Raindrops are my only reminder that clouds have a heartbeat. That I have one, too.”

Hanging from the edge of my seat , I was cheering on Juliette throughout the whole book, wanting her to receive a little bit of love and attention.Thats really how all teenage girls want, to not feel like an outcast that is feared and ignored by others. She showed bravery and courage and is what most young girls strive for and look up to. I feel like Mafi did a fantastic job at capturing that essence of being young and troubled and being able to find courage to persevere.



Rating: 4/5

Genre: YA Romance

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