Beautiful Creatures: Movie Edition

After I finished reading the book, Beautiful Creatures, I was so excited to watch the movie. I like seeing how someone else has interrupted the book, to see if I shared the same visions as someone else. About 10 minutes into the movie I was ready to shut it off and move on. It infuriates me how little work they put into research and doing this movie. I am aware of the fact that somethings cannot be done and there is only so much time in a movie, 80 minutes to 120 minutes on average compared to 300 to 500 pages.  I just found it so crazy on how they had missed, left out of changed such simple details that I found important in the book. The first thing that I noticed that made me made was the date of Lena’s 16th birthday, the battle of Honey Hill and the claiming (all that fall on the same day). I think I understand in a way why they changed it, but there was no need. In the book it is such a big date and important to the rest of the story. Other small things like the car Lena drove (which was supposed to be  a hearse) was different in the movie and the fact that she drives a hearse in the book adds to the fact that she is an outcast and not liked by the people of the town. Other things wrong were:

– Links dad was not dead in the book

– Amma was not the one that ran the library

– Ethan and Lena found the locket together (it meant something and that’s why they found it together)

– There was no Boo Radley which played a huge role in the book (the dog of Macon Ravenwood)

– Characters missing

– Larkin wasnt dark in the movie

– Hearing happened before other events (many things out-of-place)

– Missing the song (it was a big role in the book and should not have been that hard to add it to the movie)

Out of all of these things, the worst was the fact that I do not believe the movie ended right. So I guess there will not be a sequel. It did end to kind of set up for another film, but I am a huge stickler for book endings. It is a big pet peeve of mine whether it be the book ending portrayed in a movie or a book ending in a book. I just don’t understand how the film industry could mess up a movie so badly. They are idiots who need to learn how to read a book.


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