Book Made Movie

This is one of the worse things to ever happen, at least in my opinion. It is like the film industry does not know how to pick up  a book and actually read it. I understand fully that it is difficult to transform and portray all that is in a book onto a big screen. The thing that gets me is the little things, those little things that only book lovers would notice. Taking a book and creating into a movie is bad news! (Twilight I’m looking at you) Not saying the movies are always bad, but if you read the books sometimes the movies are ruined. The little details that are so easy to put into film are the ones they always seem to leave out. Whether it be a type of car, a specific date, or even the timeline of events, for me the movie is instantly ruined if these things are missing. Now I am not say all people in the film industry are incompetent. I believe there have been a few films that have been produced very well in regards to the content of the book. With all this being said, I am widening my horizons and I am going to be adding a book made movie edition. This will only apply to those books that I have read and are included on this blog, otherwise it could get real messy. As well as being a book lover, I am a huge movie fan!


Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk?

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