The Hunt


“Think of the Hunger Games with Vampires.”

– Richelle Mead

        I would not exactly agree with that statement.The Hunt is a dystopian style of literature and there is a “Hunt” which in a way is similar to the Hunger Games, but it is an entirely different set up and story. In a society in which being a human (he per) makes you the outcast and the desired meal, Gene must fake his way through life as a vampire in order to survive. The heper is the desired meal and extremely rare, so when the Ruler announces a Heper Hunt, the vampires go crazy with excitement. While trying to go unnoticed as a human in a world filled with vampires, Gene gets selected to participate in the hunt. Taken to the Heper Institution with the rest of the hunters, Gene discovers secrets and befriends the Hepers that are kept in the Dome. Ashley June turns out to be human also and risks her life to save Gene when he is discovered as being a heper. Gene manages to get away and is on the run for his life with the hepers from the dome and on the run discovers it was his father who was the scientist working at the institution.

I am a sucker for science fiction/fantasy,and sometimes for the corny, hilarious dystopian novels, but I do not believe that Funkuda did it any justice. Don’t get me wrong, he had a fantastic idea and had some very good components incorporated into his novel. He just fell short and was not able to deliver. I had to force myself to get through the book. It became difficult at points to read and lost me at times. I thought that Gene was a very boring character and Funkuda did not spend much time developing the other characters in the book. I greatly enjoyed that idea of a world of vampires in which the humans are sparse and almost none existent. Those who are still alive being kept captive and raised in order to die. Besides not expanding ideas and describing the world and the workings more in detail, I do believe Funkuda did a fantastic job with setting the scene at the Institute and created a vivid image in my head of the area. Although this was not one of my favorite reads I do appreciated what Funkuda did and being a stickler for endings, I believe he definitely created a cliff hanger that will force the reader to continue the series. I was not planning on reading the next book and had lost all hope for the series until the very last page when Funkuda through out an unforeseen twist.

Rating: 2.5/5

Genre: YA- Sci-Fi/ Fantasy

Coming Soon: The Prey (#2 in The Hunt Series)


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