ALLEGIANT [Book Review]


There’s bravery and then there’s masochism” 

-Veronica Roth, Allegiant

In the aftermath of revealing the video from Edith Prior, the fighting continues as Evelyn controls the factionless and destroys the institution of the factions. Many people still believe  in and want the factions and create the group called the Allegiant. In the quest to discover what is outside the fence of the city, a group including Tris and Tobias (four) sneak out of the city and discover the truth. They discover that they are part of an experiment to create genetically pure people (divergent). Tris discovers that her mother was a part of the government and was placed into the experiment to work from the inside. The government has been keeping a lot from those within the experiment and the experiment is on the verge of being disbanded. Tris and her friends must figure out a way to save the people from the city and get rid of the harmful label of “genetically damaged” that has limited peoples advancements and ways of life. Tris takes the ultimate sacrifice to save her friends and family.

I had mixed feelings about this book. I feel like Roth should have stopped after the 1st book. I am not a fan of the multi narrative in this book. The other two are from the perspective of Tris and I understand in a way why she chose to write it this way, but I did not like it. The beginning of the book was very confusing and there was a lot going on that caused me to have to re-read it. I did like the way in which Roth finally began to answer some questions and give background to how the city, experiments and world came to be. The addition of all the gene information takes the book in a very different direction and seemed very confusing and proved to be kind of boring. It took me until the last 100 pages to really get into the book. Tris and Four have changed a lot and I don’t think I like who they have become. Four has become soft and so obsessed with Tris, I liked him much better as the strong dauntless that he once was. And Tris has become so self involved and cocky. This book was a let down for me. I thought the end was surprisingly well done and I am very picky about endings, but the beginning of the book dragged on and was a waste of paper.

It is impossible to erase my choices” 

– Veronica Roth, Allegiant

Rating: 3.5/5

Genre: YA dystopia

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