Movie Adaptation Craze

I feel like recently there has been so many movie adaptation happening from the type of books I read. I do not know how I feel about this at all. Some of the movies have done such a great job and others have failed greatly. Since I also hate watching the movie before I read the books I now have to pick up my reading pace and get through a ton of books before the movie is released. The other reason I hate it is because so many people become obsessed with the movies and haven’t even read the books and it gets really annoying and sometimes ruins the love I had for the books. I very much like having read books and series that no one else knows much about and it seems like lately I do that and then all of a sudden they are being made into huge motion pictures and then all of a sudden everyone is obsessed with them. There is such a craze surrounding the books and I don’t like it, but then I do like to see how someone else envisions the book. It is such a double-edged sword and just another way for Hollywood to make money. Well that is my rant for the day.


Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk?

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