How Many Is Too Many?

So I was scanning through goodreads and Amazon (my typical, I am avoiding studying for my midterm routine) and I found something extremely interesting. I have found that the quantity of books that are published in some series are outrageous. There is a series that has a 26th book coming out this year. How is that even possible? How is this writer creating so many books going off the same topic/storyline to write this many books/ have enough people purchasing them to continue to write. I wish I could do this. I want to be able to create a series and just keep writing forever and make lots of money. Is that too much to ask ? So how many books is too many for a series?


One thought on “How Many Is Too Many?

  1. It really depends on the author. Some people get a character stuck in their head and could write out the characters entire life. Personally, I prefer Neil Gaiman’s model: write what you want to write when you want to write it and don’t get stuck in a single genre let alone a single series.Though I find that Mercedes Lackey has found a happy medium. She writes a lot of books all taking place in the same land but with different characters and in different time periods.


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