Taking Notes?

So as I was taking a break from my homework, I was browsing tumblr and noticed something. I saw pictures of peoples notes in book and books with sticky notes. I was just curious of how many people do this/ why people do this. As I read, I use the notepad app on my phone and mark down page numbers with quotes I like and my feelings/opinions/thoughts while I am reading. I REFUSE to write in my books. The reason I take notes is for the sole purpose of writing for my blog and my reviews. As soon as I write my posts I delete the notes. I feel like if I kept the notes or if I had notes and pages marked in my book I wouldn’t discover new quotes and parts I liked the next time I reread it. I am just interested in the ways that other people approach reading a book and the habits they have while they read. So why is it that some write in their books or mark the pages? Do they ever read the book again? Would you read a book that you borrowed from someone with notes in the margin? Do you think that you would be able to form your own ideas and thoughts on the book if you did? What are you taking and making notes about?


One thought on “Taking Notes?

  1. When I re-read a book, I like seeing what interested me most the last time. The notes and highlighting remind me of the person I was when I read that book. But I never write in books. One of my favorite features of e-readers is the ability to jot down notes without ruining the pages. Last summer, I re-read a novel (To Kill a Mockingbird) that is only available in paper form, and used up so many post-it notes in the process (the in-progress pictures are on my posts for that read-along). I don’t think I’m ever going to remove those notes from that book.


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