Is It Worth It?

I’ve been think a lot lately about book series. (I do this so I don’t think about all the homework I have to do and about finding a job for next year so I am not homeless.) I have a bit of a problem and I buy books like its my job. Most times when I buy a new book from a series I sometimes buy all the books in the series or the next one (all depending on prices etc.) There are some books I have read recently and I am not a huge fan of them but they are the first of ____ (most likely like 10 million because lately everyone seems to be writing a series that is going to go on forever). So my dilemma is should I continue the series? Or forget that there ever was a book that followed? I usually am a firm believer that once I start a series I need to finish it. (I don’t know why maybe to give it a chance or for the fact that I bought all the books before I read the first one). A lot of people seem to read series/trilogies/quartets and get hooked at different stages. Is that a reason to continue on with a series even if you disliked the first one? I just feel like if I don’t and I leave it in my mind as a “stand alone” or just the book and it sequel, I am not completing something and that I could be missing out on something. I just don’t know what to think anymore. Is it worth it to continue to read a series in which you disliked the first book ?


I also just had this thought about movie adaptation of books. If I know there is a book out that the movie is based on, I have this weird thing about having to read the book first, even if I was not really planning on reading the book. Is this worth it?

Am I just weird and have weird habits that aren’t even worth anything? I should just change my ways, but lets be real that probably won’t happen.


One thought on “Is It Worth It?

  1. A book should stand on its own, but I gave up on Lemony Snicket after book 8. It was getting formulaic. Each book stood alone but was the same book! Reading the book before a movie is almost always worthwhile, unless you can train yourself to understand that the book and the movie are two different pieces of art based on the same theme. For example, The Shining by Stephen King and The Shining by Stanley Kubrick. If you want to take it further, you can consider the book cover as The Shining the Painting, and a lot of people feel like Kubrick made a stand-alone piece of art with The Shining The Trailer.


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