Question of the Day

Is it bad that I don’t really like “Happy” books? I just don’t feel like they are real. I mean I have a lot of hardships in my life and seem to be a cynical pessimist most days. I see people reviews and book talks and they describe the book as ” It was just a heart warming happy book. You can’t feel anything but happy when you read this.” This makes me cringe . I can’t handle it. Is that weird?


2 thoughts on “Question of the Day

  1. I don’t think it’s weird. Maybe you don’t want to be made happy from a book. Perhaps you want the book to reflect how you feel personally which would explain the draw to darker or cynical or ,dare I say, unhappy books. You probably dislike romantic comedies as well. Some people people are saps and some are not. Not weird. Just personal preference. 🙂


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