Book Reviewer???

I have seen/heard a lot a talk about book reviewers. I think this would be an absolutely amazing job. I mean I already review books as it is, but you would get books early and for free to review early. How awesome is that? This would be my ultimate dream job, book critic. Too bad I have figured this out too late in life. I am about to graduate college and I will be receiving a degree in a field nowhere near this field. I just hate that my blog is too little and does not reach enough people to get noticed by publishers, PR and authors. I should probably take more time and thought into crafting my reviews. I seem to just type what I am feeling and don’t craft them in a well written manner. I wish I was talented enough/funny enough to do video book blogs. I have been watching so many of them lately and they are so entertaining, have so many viewers and get free books all the time. I have to admit I am jealous of these people. How do I get to where they are? How do I get paid to do what I love? Just my thoughts of the day.


6 thoughts on “Book Reviewer???

  1. You won’t get paid for the reviews, but go check out I learned of it recently from another blogger’s post. You can create an account and request books for review. You will get turned down by some, but my blog isn’t very big and I’ve been approved for five books so far, three of them ARC books. There are big time publishers and small publisher and all kinds of books available. Good way to get your foot in the door with publishers and become known as a reliable reviewer. Also check out Penguin’s First to Read program, you can bid on ARC books they are releasing soon.


  2. Both of these sites they are e-books that you don’t get to keep, they expire after so many days (55 I think). Which kinda sucks, but hey its still a chance to read the book for free and its a start. Also check out Goodreads groups. Some of them have Read to Review programs for new, and some established, authors where you do get to keep the book, again e-format. One more tip, Goodreads also has a program under the explore tab titled giveaways where you can sign up for books and those are usually physical books.


  3. I review professionally for a couple venues – Chicago Tribune and Library Journal – but gave a lot of my work away for free for a decade. It takes a while to build up a portfolio. Blog regularly, establish a following, work social media regularly but not so much you’re annoying. Follow other reviewers and comment on their blogs. Write, write, write. The more you do it the better you become. Pick a reviewer or two you like and adopt their style. Also, review library books and not just ARCs. Any publicity is appreciated by publishers and agents. You can’t make a living at it but it’s kick butt getting those free books. 😉


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