We LOVE It Wednesday!

I have decided to add a recommendation Wednesday to my long list of daily appearances on my blog. And by We, I really mean me ( It just seemed to go with the whole alliteration thing) I am also going to add links to my review of the book (Or what I have of one , if I have one) and other sites that have reviews and where you can purchase the book. Because after seeing this and reading all the reviews you are going to want to read it too!!!

For my first “We LOVE It Wednesday!” I have chosen:



For fans of dystopian novels!

I thought this book was new and exciting! It is a sci-fi rendition of the Whipping Boy by Sid Fleischman, I don’t know if this was the purpose, but they were really similar in my perspective. I also find it interesting that the main characters name is Syd! From the beginning I was enthralled and got lost in the interesting story and dynamic characters. There is so much growth and discovery of the characters that you see the whole depth and change take place. It contains dark and controversial elements. Proxy is a wonderfully brilliant story and you won’t see the end coming.  I cannot wait for the sequel to come out May 29, 2014!

For other resources and links:

My Blog Review (sorry it is not complete)


Alamosa Books (another persons review)

Cuddlebuggery Book Blog (In case you need more reason to go buy and read this)

Amazon (GO BUY IT!)

Booksamillion (For another buying option)









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