Hunger Games vs. Divergent

AHHHHHHH….. I have many thoughts and opinions about the comparison between these two trilogies. Since last night I have heard and seen many things about the similarities between these two books/movies. I went and saw the Divergent movie with a friend last night who had not read the book and her response after the movie was ” That was a lot like the Hunger Games” WHAT? First off, one must understand that while being a dystopian it is going to share aspects just like any vampire novel/movie is going to share the aspects of there being vampires. Sometime I think people don’t actually think things over in their heads. Second, I can accept and understand that their are similarities but think about them they really aren’t that much a like. I will lay them out:

– Division: This is a usual aspect that happens in dystopians. The world has usually just gone through a great war/collapse so the division of the society is a likely outcome.

  • Hunger Games: It is divided into 12 districts that dictate their job and future.
  • Divergent: It is divided into factions that dictate their personalities and future job

– Training: With just having your world collapse and needing to build up a new society one must train at some aspect for something regarding defense.

  • Hunger Games: They train when you are about to enter the games
  • Divergent: The Dauntless train to earn their place in the faction.

– Attack: With the training there is bound to be a point in which that training is used.

  • Hunger Games: They use their training to safe their lives
  • Divergent: They are used as a weapon to carry out a horrible plan

– Rebellion: With the rises of a new society and rules there will always be someone against the people in charge and what is going on.

  • Hunger Games: Katniss with her defiance of the system brings about a rebellion
  • Divergent: Those who hold the Divergent quality pose as a threat to the current society.

– With that being said I can understand the similarities between the divisions, but in Divergent you can change where you are in the division and where you end up in life. The training aspect is used for different purposes, in one it is for defending their life and the other is to earn their spot and eventually protect society. Both have rebellions and are out to change, make a difference and save their lives.

Now after going over all of that I have just laid out the qualities that are usually present in most dystopians. The fall of society/great war leading to division of society, training, attacks, rebellions. Look at any dystopian novel and for the most part this is the plot line. Even though they share similarities I still believe they are their own. I think it is unfair to say one is based off the other. Especially after the first book in each trilogy these books grow and take on their own stories. The stories each have their own qualities and message to spread. I think more people should accept them as seperate wonderful works of art.  With all this being said I don’t think people have to agree with me, this is just how I feel.


One thought on “Hunger Games vs. Divergent

  1. Thank you. THANK YOU. THHAAANNKK YYYOOUUU!!! People want to discredit Divergent by calling it a knockoff or “the same exact” as THG. I couldn’t disagree more with said people and I couldn’t agree more with your post.

    PS. I saw Divergent last night. A) it rocked my socks off and 2) I bought the soundtrack because awesome.


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