I have recently realized I do not write pre-reader friendly reviews. I think I am okay with that. I much prefer to put forth my thoughts and opinions about the book and along with that come the heartbreaking spoilers. They are inevitable! I feel like somewhere it should state that all of my reviews have spoilers because I know how horrible it is to have a book spoiled, but I also feel like book reviews are an “Enter At Your Own Risk” situation, always! So I guess I don’t feel that bad after all. Just thought I would put it all out there so now I can state that on my blog it says my reviews contain spoilers. 



One thought on “*WARNING*

  1. I appreciate your insight:) I have really tried to follow the general guidelines for writing book reviews, which includes NOT revealing any spoilers. While this can be a challenge to work around, I think it may help slightly in adding more credibility to a reviewer’s work. Happy Reading! (My profile is on Amazon)


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