Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List (2014)

1. Read (complete) at least 50 book.

2. Finish Anna Karenina (since I have been working on it for like 2 years)

3. Start the Harry Potter Series (Since I seem to be one of like 3 people in the world who has yet to read them, I know its embarrassing)

4. Complete all of my unfinished book reviews (more like my book thoughts and opinion since people have told me my reviews give away too much and aren’t “professional” enough or whatever)

5. Read at least one classic (I own so many and I am embarrassed that I have not read them)

6. Step out of my comfort zone of YA Fiction and read at least one biography/nonfiction work

7. Complete at least 3 series (something with more 4 or more books, that I own all the books for or have started but not yet finished.)

8. Break into the adult fiction genre more. (at least 3)

9. Read more of the books on my shelves before buying more (this is going to be hard , I have a bad habit of purchasing books )

10. Complete a book that is 800pgs or more (not including Anna Karenina)


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. This list is funny because it sounds like me. I only just recently read the HP series, so don’t feel bad. My wheelhouse is YA so it’s not normal for me to read outside of that however I need to push myself to do so. Also, I have tons of classics and have read maybe one of them {David Copperfield}. True story, it took me about a month to read it. *sigh*


  2. Anna Karenina seems to be a sticking-point for several people.

    I’ve been working on reading outside my comfort zone(s), too. And working on the books waiting unread on my shelf–so far I have managed to read exactly as many as I’ve purchased, thus breaking even.


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