Book Addict Anonymous

I HAVE A PROBLEM. Thats the first step right. Admitting you have a problem. I have been having a bad week so what do I do ? I go and buy 11 books. I have so many that I haven’t even read yet. What am I doing? By the rate I am going I will have so many books that I want to read and own them, but never get the chance to read them. Someone should take my credit card away or my internet. They just make me so happy! The UPS man probably thinks I have a problem since he delivers a package to my apartment almost once a week. (Thats embarrassing) I need HELP!


2 thoughts on “Book Addict Anonymous

  1. Count me in as well:) I can’t resist a $1.00 book title on my list usually from the clearance rack at Half Price Books. I make room for my books in my small house. I am so glad we have e-readers! Think about all the space they save, its miraculous to have hundreds of books at your fingertips and carry them to work with you:)


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