Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Books/Series Im Embarrassed I haven’t read

1. Harry Potter Series

2. Lord of the Rings Trilogy

3. The Book Thief

4. Chronicles of Narnia                                                                                                         (I started this when I was younger but can’t even tell you which one I have read)

5.  Pride and Prejudice

6. Wuthering Heights

7. Percy Jackson Series

8. The Mortal Instruments and The Mortal Devices                                                                  (I have read City of Bones)

9.  1984

10. All other classics because I have barely read any of them and feel like I should


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Don’t be embarrassed. I only just read the HP series last year. I have read the Book Thief and some of the classics but the others I haven’t read either.


  2. I put off the HP series until a few years ago. I wasn’t that interested in it so I listened to the first four on audiobook at work but by the fifth book I was invested and found myself really enjoying the series. I also only read the Hunger Games a few months ago.


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