We LOVE It Wednesday

I am going to preface this by saying that in my choices for We LOVE It Wednesday are for the purpose of trying to introduce and promote books that I feel do not receive enough hype or recognition!




BETWIXT: A place, a not-here, not-there world somewhere in between.

This is not one of my all time favorite books and I gave it a semi lower score, but I still believe it is a great read and one worth reading. I think it gets a bad rap and not many people give it a chance. It has a semi slow start but is interesting and makes you think. This follows the life of three different characters whose lives intertwine.  There are supernatural aspects that appear in the story. I am trying to be careful to not give away the story, so I won’t be giving away too much. The characters are so relatable and go through a big change in their lives.

I did feel like questions were left unanswered and that was my main reason for not being totally in love with the story. And although there were questions left unanswered it give a way in which you can make you own opinions and in a way that is kind of cool. I do believe it is a must read and a really interesting concept and unique story.

For other resources and links:

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Betwixtnovel (Another persons review)

Bookoutlet (If you think it is worth a read it is only 79 cents at book outlet!)

I challenge you to give it a read and let me know what you think.


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