Catch A Falling Star by Christine M. Butler | Book Review



Genre: YA, Dystopian/Sci-fi

Series: Falling Star

While Venus explodes, raining down a beautiful shower of devastating debris on its neighboring Planet Earth, Shay Collins’ childhood is effectively ended when the remnants she is hit with etch the event into the very fabric of her being.
Following the incident, Shay’s exceptionally fast healing, pronounced with a vague greenish glow, lands her in the hands of Starfield’s E.C.H.O.E. Research Facility.
For the next four years they hold her hostage as a human lab rat, until Jared Kingston comes along and decides to save her.
When Shay insists on bringing fellow lab rat, Aaron Miller, along for the escape things go awry; and Jared is caught.
Shay must make the decision to keep running with Aaron, or go back to rescue Jared. Either way, the best and brightest at Starfield were not about to give up on Shay. They were going to send a secret weapon after her, even if that meant creating a new one![Goodreads]


*I would like to again thank Christine M. Butler for this copy of her novel Catch A Falling Star.* 

A comet hits Venus and debris from the impact starts to fall to Earth and cause mass destruction and enable people with some weird abilities. Christine M. Butler describes the beauty of the Venus incident wonderfully and I could see the picture she was building of the beauty and destruction vividly.  Shay goes through a lot of pain and trauma due to the aftermath and occurrence of such a beautiful disaster. This book is another unique read for me, not that I have never read a post apocalyptic/ dystopian novel before, but it is the first I have read that deals with space and the affects hitting Earth. I loved the way at which Christine M. Butler approached writing and telling the story, a story within a story. I highly enjoy flashbacks, while you are still getting the story of what is presently happening. Shay is such a strong and brave character and you really feel for her and everything she has been through. I enjoyed this book, but I felt it lacked a little in action and intensity, but did contain so dark material. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the Shatter Me trilogy by Tahereh Mafi! At the end of the book I was craving more and have to say I can’t wait to see what happens in the sequel, Replicas!


I just had a few issues with this book and figured I would share with those who have read the book as to why I didn’t give the book a higher score.

  • I was highly annoyed with the love triangle going on and at points felt that the love aspect took away from what could have been a greater, interesting story.
  • I felt like the story was short and very brief in certain points of the story. I wish more of the abilities and happenings of the venus incident were elaborated.
  • I also hated the way Jared always said “sweetheart”




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