Take Away The Internet…

I just spent the past 30 minutes (which is pretty good for me) on the internet (goodreads,book blogs, tumblr, amazon, book outlet, youtube). I now have 70 books on my amazon wish list and about 12 books in my cart on book outlet. I should not be allowed on the internet or be able to have a credit card. I need to stop spending money. There are just so many books I want to read and I feel like if I don’t buy them I will forget about them and miss out on something great and they are all so cheap right now. I have FOMO (fear of missing out) about books how sad is that.  The thing is I have so many books that I already own and need to read. I have a problem and the thing is I don’t regret it and I’m not embarrassed. My parents just keep yelling at me because I have so many books and no money. Growing up is rough. I just want to live in a cave with all my books. That would make me happy! Oh the problems of being a book addict. Now taking donations.




5 thoughts on “Take Away The Internet…

  1. I know and everyone always tells me that, but I am in-between places of residence and it becomes a little difficult. I am also so much in love with books that I just have to own them. Its a problem but one day I want a floor to ceiling library in my home!


  2. I have the same problem: I have a huge list of books I want, loads of books I have still yet to read and then I buy more! I need a better job really to fund these excursions..


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