Looking For Alaska


“But a lot of times, people die how they live. And so last words tell me a lot about who people were, and why they became the sort of people biographies get written about.”

– John Green, Looking For Alaska

Feeling lost and trying to find yourself is something that everyone goes through at a point in their life, whether while they are young or even at an older age. This book had everything that I could hope for in a good book. I was laughing and crying and felt like I was with a good friend, discovering life and figuring out the world. I loved all of the quotes and references to literature. The character of Alaska was wonderful. She was spontaneous, deep and to the point. She had the kind of personality that I wish I had a little more of. I could not put this book down and read it through one sitting. It is one of those books that is so emotional and humorous that you just can’t help but to be moved and fall in love with it. It was filled with amazing quotes and I just couldn’t get enough.

Going through and writing this review after almost a year of reading it I don’t feel like I could do it justice. I am at a lost of the correct words to use in order to convey my thoughts and opinions. This book made me feel so many things and came at a time in my life that I too am feeling lost and not sure what I want to do with life or who I want to be. This is definitely a book I need to re-read soon!

Rating: 5/5

Genre: YA-Fiction


2 thoughts on “Looking For Alaska

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