To Read…Or Not To Read

How do you decide when to add a book to the DNF (Did Not Finish) category? What makes you decide not to continue with a book after starting it or not to finish a series? 

I recently started The Scorch Trials by James Dashner. I was not terribly fond of The Maze Runner , but I had already purchased the second book so I figured I would give it a try. I have been having a rough reading month (most likely due to it being the end of the semester). I don’t know if I am having trouble focusing and getting into the book because of this or if I just can’t get into the book itself. I have never read a book in which I didn’t finish it (even if I really did not like it). All I want to do is read so I don’t know how to gage my feelings on the book. I need advice! Should I just put it down and try something else and then come back to it later or should I give up on it all together?


2 thoughts on “To Read…Or Not To Read

  1. If you don’t like it don’t finish it. Life is too short and to-read lists too long to suffer through something you don’t like. If you feel really bad about it, put it down and try again when it is something you are more in the mood for. If it is any consolation, I read the entire series and I thought the first book was the best one, I seemed to like each book a little less and didn’t care for the ending at all. There is a great quote about a reader’s bill of rights by Daniel Pennac you might like to google.


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