Bookish Bucket List [Update]

It has been a month since I posted my Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Bucket List for 2014 . I thought I would start to do a monthly update to show the progress I am making.

Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List (2014)

1. Read (complete) at least 50 book. (I am currently at 24 books)

2. Finish Anna Karenina (Still have yet to get to this, but it is in the works for this summer)

3. Start the Harry Potter Series (I plan to buy this next month and start reading the first one and one a month following that!)

4. Complete all of my unfinished book reviews (I worked on this a couple of day ago, but have yet to get to all of them. Hopefully once I am done with school I will get to them)

5. Read at least one classic (This summer, I swear!)

6. Step out of my comfort zone of YA Fiction and read at least one biography/nonfiction work  (I feel like lately I have been changing up what Im reading and trying to try new things. I haven’t gotten around to reading a bio/nonfiction yet.)

7. Complete at least 3 series (something with more 4 or more books)                             (I recently finished the Vampire Academy Series ! So two to go !)

8. Break into the adult fiction genre more. (at least 3) (Haven’t gotten to this yet )

9. Read more of the books on my shelves before buying more  (I don’t think this will ever be accomplished. I think I have bought almost 50 books since posting this…oops)

10. Complete a book that is 800pgs or more (not including Anna Karenina) (I have a few fantasy books that fit this criteria and I can’t wait to read them once I am done with school in a week!)

What are you goals for this year? Have you been able to accomplish any so far?


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