Third Sentence Thursday [5/22]



” ‘You girls saw something pretty frightening yesterday, didn’t you?’Mr. Wolf sets down the snow globe and picks up a picture frame holding a photo of two blond children- probably Mrs. Malone’s kids.”

Hexed, Michelle Krys

Indigo and Paige had witness something and were brought into the principals office for questioning. This is the point in the book that Indigo starts to learn things she didn’t know about her life.

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(Take any book you are reading and flick to a random page. Share the third full sentence from that page with the blogosphere as a “taster” of the book! You can also share your thoughts about the sentence (does it affect the novel? did you like the language used? was it so short that it adds suspense?) It’s a fun, fast way to offer your readers a ‘snapshot’ of a particular book.)


5 thoughts on “Third Sentence Thursday [5/22]

  1. Cool. Maybe I’ll pick that up once I have more time to blog. I probably shouldn’t now because it’s the end of the school year and the teachers are slamming us with work they probably thought we’d be done with by now.


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