Making Up For Monday [5/26]


Today’s Question: How do you shop for books? What’s your favorite way to get a new book?

I shop for books mainly online. I spend a lot of time on goodreads, youtube and skimming through book blogs and once I see a book I like I add it to my cart on various different bookstore site depending on what it is/price/edition etc. I use Amazon A LOT ! And I also have been using and as well!

My favorite way to shop although I love the convenience and cheaper prices by buying the books online there is nothing like spending hours in a bookstore! I usually go by myself or with my best friend (who also can spend great amount of time in the bookstore too) and scan through all the books usually ending up buying no less than two books each time.

How do you buy your books/shop for books? Are there any sites online you love using? What is your favorite way to get a new book?

Hosted by An Avid Reader; A Wannabe Writer


2 thoughts on “Making Up For Monday [5/26]

  1. I’ve actually never bought anything off of Amazon! I still visit the bookstore to get books unless I pre-order something or buy an eBook. I like to browse the shelves and discover new things. Although Goodreads is my friend too!


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