The Liebster Blog Award | Round #3

Every though I have already done this a few times now I have no problem with talking about myself and sharing my love of books! Thanks to Annette over @ Booknerderie for tagging/nominating me. This Liebster award is a little different than other ones before. There are just questions in which I am going to answer and than those who I nominate of those who would like to just have to answer the questions and nominate their own people!

1. What is your preferred reading format? E-book, paperback, hardback?

I prefer a physical copy of a book over an electronic format. For whether paperback or hardback it makes no difference to me. I do prefer to own the hardcover of a book because I feel like they look prettier on the shelf!

2. If you could only recommend one book for another to read, what would it be and why?

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll [x].(The copy I linked is one of the ones I own and is amazing!) This is one of my all time favorite books and feel like everyone should read it. I also feel like it is a story so easy to read multiple times. Every time I read it I find something new I love about it.

3. One of the recent themes of Top Ten Tuesday was: if you like this TV show/film, you should read this book. Provide a book recommendation based on your favorite film or TV show.

These are always hard for me, I feel like I am the worst at doing this. I guess I have to say that if you like Charmed than you should read Hexed by Michelle Kyrs.

4. What is your opinion on commenting on blog posts?

I love commenting and getting comments. It makes me feel like someone is reading/appreciating what I am posting. Although I don’t post for the purpose of getting a response it is nice to see what others think and feel about things. I also like having discussions with others and learning more about books and books I should read etc.

5. What is your most anticipated read of 2014?

One of my most anticipated reads of 2014 already came out and I have already read it, Guardian by Alex London! But I guess I would also say that I am highly anticipating the fourth book in the Gentleman Bastard Series by Scott Lynch (although I am only currently reading the second books).


6. We all know about blogger hype, which book have you read which did not live up to the hype?

Angelfall by Susan Ee- I really wanted to like this, but it just didn’t do it for me. You can check out my review of the book here.

7. Name one author whose books you will always read.

All of those authors are dead, but I have recently discovered/been recommended some amazing authors that I have set out to read all works by them- Tamora Pierce, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Patrick Ness and Scott Lynch!

8. There are certain bloggers whose opinions I value, when they give a good review I will go out of my way to read that book. Name a blogger whose opinions you value and explain why?

There are too many to name them all here. I am planning on creating a post about all the bloggers I love and such soon so look out for that post.

9. What is your favorite part of blogging? The book tours, the reviews, the memes, the community…?

I love everything about the blogging experience. I have felt like I have made some sincere connections with other bloggers and enjoy being able to share my passion with others who also fell the same way. And recently my best friends has started to blog and it has been something we have been able to do together and share!

10. What’s your favorite of your own blog posts?

I love them all equally! 🙂

11. What’s your favorite word and why?

Wanderlust– It just engulfs all that I want to be, I just want to be free like a bird and roam the world. (so corny I know)

12. How long do you spend reading blogs each week?

Lately too much time! I find myself scrolling through blogs more than I am reading my books.

13. When is your favorite time to blog?

All time/every day 🙂

14. Why do you think people blog?

I’d say it’s the same reason I blog. To share their passions and express themselves!

15. How long does it take you to compose an average blog post?

It just depends on what I am doing. I feel like sometimes I just type and don’t really think about what I am typing so it is probably all jumbled and nonsensical. When I write book reviews I try hard to take time and think about it so that I convey my feelings and give a good review for others to read. But i try to remain true to myself and share that through my blog ( I even like to make up my own words because its my blog so I can do whatever I want right?)

16. What do you think makes a good blog?

I feel like Annette worded this perfectly–> I think a good blog is one that’s full of personality, honesty and passion.

17. How do you find new blogs to follow?

People that follow me, social media, comments made on my blog, searching the internet, stumbling upon them from the hours lost down the rabbit hole of the internet.

18. Would you ever stop following a blog? Why?

Unless something happens that doesn’t go well with me or post things that are offensive.

19. When do you find it most difficult to blog?

When life decides to throw a bunch of stuff at you.

The bloggers I am tagging/nominating:

♠ Autumn @ Kitty Cat Reads 

♠ Brooke @ Bibliophilic Babblings

♠ Erin @ Raised Reading

Kittens and Books 

♠ Krystal @ Books Are My Thing 




3 thoughts on “The Liebster Blog Award | Round #3

  1. I have yet to read my first JL Amentrout book and I am terrified she won’t live up to her hype =/


  2. I am STILL not getting notified when you ping me. I wonder how many others there might be that have linked to me in some way and I haven’t gotten notified. Lame!


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