Making Up For Monday {6/30}

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Hosted by: An Avid Reader; A Wannabe Writer

Today’s Question: Do you read ahead or skip pages?

NO! When I was younger I use to have this horrible habit of reading the last page first, but I no longer do that. I also don’t skip pages while reading unless it is a textbook. (Textbooks are horrible!) I do skim ahead on a page if something actiony or such is coming up, but thats about it.

Do you have any “bad” reading habits or read ahead/skip ?




5 thoughts on “Making Up For Monday {6/30}

  1. Sometimes I skim if I am not enjoying what’s going on, and I just want to get through it. Which generally just makes it worse because then I miss the little details that make the book make sense.


  2. Can’t skip ahead. I don’t want to skip ahead. Sometimes, when it gets good, I start speed reading and have to go back. But I’ve never read the last page… sounds like voluntary torture to me. I’d spend the rest of the time wondering how what I’m reading will relate to the end and won’t actually “read/see” anything.

    I never “read” textbooks. I just looked for the answers and took notes. Was never the most astute student.


  3. reading the last page was a very bad habit and I usually only really focused on the last sentence… I accredit it to my acute A.D.D. But I don’t do that anymore and I feel the same about textbooks. This year was actually the first year I had ever read one cover to cover and it was kind of more of a book than a textbook, but it was the worst thing ever.


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