Making Up For Monday {7/7}

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Today’s Question: How often do you buy books and do you prefer new or used?

All of the time and all of the books! But really I have a problem and buy books way too often and buy way too much. I am usually looking at sites to buy books online like everyday (I do not buy them everyday, but I am looking). As for my preferred new or used, I usually go for which ever is cheap and/or right in front of me. Of course I love getting brand new books that look all pretty and such, but I will not turn away a used book that needs a good home. I also collect older copies of some books so of course those are usually used! Overall I do not discriminate against any book unless it is missing pages/covers etc.

How often do you buy books? Where at? And do you have a preference in regards to new or used?



4 thoughts on “Making Up For Monday {7/7}

  1. I buy books way more quickly than I can read them, but I’m also always discovering books I wanna read, so it’s an endless cycle of “where did all my time and money go?” I love used books, but mostly because they’re cheaper than new ones. And I am nothing if not cheap. :]

    If you haven’t already heard of it – I hear is a killer place to get really good deals.


  2. Oh I have and it has been the death of me… I place WAY too many book outlet orders all the time. And I totally agree with you about that endless cycle thing!


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