COVER REVEAL | Charmed by Michelle Krys

So if you don’t already know (even though it has been all over my blog recently and such) I REALLY enjoyed Hexed by Michelle Krys. It was a comical witch novel in which I reviewed [x], held a giveaway and even did an interview of the author Michelle Krys [x] (and this won’t be the last you see of her on my blog !) It was a refreshing, fast paced book and I am having trouble with patience and the ability to wait for the next book. So you could imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon a post by YA and Kids Book Central revealing the cover of the sequel! I just had to make a post and do a little fangirling and promoting of a fantastic author and her debut novel!

And here it is!!!!




I am not as totally in love with Charmed’s cover as I was with Hexed, but I still think it is fantastic (beside the fact that I think Indies pose is a little awkward and she looks a little too realistic where I thought on Hexed she looked a little more cartoony- if that makes sense) But still so awesome! And I hope the book without the dust jacket is just as beautiful and stunning as Hexed!!!

Check out YABC post for more information about the cover/book and words from the author! They are also hosting a giveaway so check it out!


What are your thoughts on the cover? What do you think of the few reactions/fangirling posts I have put up? (It is something that I don’t normally do, but if it is something people like I will continue to do it more, etc. ) I would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions etc.


2 thoughts on “COVER REVEAL | Charmed by Michelle Krys

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