The Raven Boys {Week 2 Reactions}

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DISCUSSION| The Raven Boys [Chapter 13- Chapter 24]

* WARNING this post will contain spoilers and probably too much personal information about Autumn @Kitty Cat Reads and I.(Its also going to be pretty long) So if you haven’t yet read The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater I would recommend closing your eyes/computer/tab or anything else that might ruin the book for you.*

So we are still in the beta stages of how we are going to run our Book of the Month posts and discussions, so sorry if this seems a little rambly and all over the place. The Raven Boys is the first pick for our book club: The Future Cat Ladies of America. You can find information in our first post HERE or on our goodreads group. Also make sure to check out the first reaction post from last week! (If only you guys could see our Facetimes as we discuss and put this together there is a lot of randomness, cats and singing!)

Random Thoughts

♦ The reading with the boys was really interesting. The fact that the page of cups appeared multiple times and the incident with Ronan.

♦ The boys presence at the reading was too “noisy”. Makes it seem like they are all touched by something.
♦ Boys seem skeptical of the psychic and their readings
♦ There are so many raven references
♦ The tree was an interesting event that took place with them each seeing different things while inside and the fact that Ronan wouldn’t go in.

Questions We Have

♦ What did Adam see in the tree?
♦ What did Calla mean when she did Ronan’s reading, she asked “What are you?


♠ Blue-
Autumn: Feels like she is sometimes being rude and snappy. Could be the way that Gansey throws around money.
Ashley: I’m still not sure about her. I keep finding that her character is a little flat for me, but man is she a sassy one.

♠ Calla-
Autumn: Finds the interaction with her and Ronan interesting and wants to know more.
Ashley:I am now a huge fan of Calla and really love her personality and just her in general.

♠ Helen- We like her a lot!  They have an interesting dynamic.


Chapters 14 & 16!
♠ There were so many moment in this set of chapters that where just so wonderful and made me love the boys even more.
♠ Adam and the flowers and the whole situation with Blue is absolutely adorable.
♠ Ronan and that damn bird. I can’t even.
♠ RONAN- (Autumn is still COMPLETELY in love with him!)


♠ Autumn’s favorite part of this section was the reading with the boys so we decided to do one of our own. Autumn had a deck of cards and we used the Google to figure everything out. We used a site for how to read the cards and one for the meanings. We went with the Three Card Spread, in which left to right the cards represent the past, present and future!

Ashley’s Cards:


Past: Ruin” 10 of Swords“- Something has come to a conclusion. Look back and learn from that.
Present: The Lovers– relationship and choices (since I am not in a relationship and have no prospects at the moment this card also can mean a relationship of two conflicting parts of yourself)
Future: Prince of Discs ” Knight of Pentacles” – PositiveHard works produces the results you desire. Will meet nothing but success.

Autumn’s Cards:


Past: The Sun– Positive. Completion. Accomplishment.
Present: Knight of Swords “King of Swords” – Fair and insightful. Arrival in your life never goes unnoticed because he commands attention (Justin).
Future: The Hermit– Self reflection. Introversion into the inner self.


These are quotes we either talked about or liked!

♠ “He made only a vaguely grumbling noise of assent. Blue could see he thought that any information would let them fake the reading. Still, she didn’t think he was a skeptic. He was merely skeptical of them.” (pg.121)

♠  ” Today, Blue thought, is the day I stop listening to the future and start living it instead.” (pg. 183)


So I had a comment from She Reads She Blogs and when I was looking at her website I stumbled upon her Raven Cycle tab! This was a wonderful discovery and one I instantly shared with Autumn (who had already found this before I said something). I have to say that this does contain spoilers that I was not happy about and instantly slammed my computer shut when I saw them, but it contains some really awesome stuff! There is drawings that Maggie Stiefvater did herself of the characters and even playlists (of some totally amazing music) for the characters! I am obsessed with Til Infinity by IYES. So you should all go and check out the awesome stuff for the Raven Boys put together by She Reads She Blogs!

IMG_2022(In my notes a doodled a little “raven” and Autumn said I had to share it. I am not artistic at all and so Autumn said she thinks this is a raven rocket.)

 * Make sure to check out Autumn’s blog (Kitty Cat Reads) next week for our third post! And look out for updated information about The Book of the Month for August! *




5 thoughts on “The Raven Boys {Week 2 Reactions}

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  2. Thanks for the shout out 🙂
    So sorry you got spoiled!!!! (There is a spoiler warning on the characters playlist page… but I think I’ll change the font to bold on that part now just to make sure people avoid any unwanted spoils!)


  3. Haha its all good. I kind of already knew in a way and if there was one and I read it I just totally ignored it! So don’t worry its all on me. I still thought it was totally awesome and absolutely loved your tab on all of it 🙂


  4. Thanks so much. I’m happy you’re reading (and hopefully loving) trc. I cannot wait for the next book! OCTOBER?!?!! Ahh!


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