Friday Reads {7/18}

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11410104So I am actually on a mini vacay in Vegas right now! I am pre-writing this post so there is a slight possibilities that things could have changed, but most likely they won’t. I own the bind-up of the Summer I Turn Pretty trilogy by Jenny Han and thought it would be the perfect thing to take with me! Although I am also currently working through like 4 different books I figured I should just take one book with me while traveling. And technically this is three books so it should keep me busy on the plane and while I am laying out by the pool during the day. If by chance I happen to finish this before I am back from my trip I have a few books on my Kindle app on my phone that I can pick up!


What are your reading plans for this weekend? Do you have any exciting vacations or relaxing plans for the weekend?


2 thoughts on “Friday Reads {7/18}

  1. Hope your enjoying your Vacation! I am hoping to complete The Something Strange and Deadly Trilogy over the weekend! I LOVE the summer I turned Pretty Trilogy! Can’t wait to see your thoughts on the book.


  2. My vacation has been awesome so far but there hasn’t been much room for reading . I want to read the something strange and deadly trilogy so bad ! So far I am enjoying the Summer I Turned Pretty 🙂


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