The Raven Boys | Fancast

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Along with the reaction post we have been doing every week for the Future Cat Ladies of America Book Club pick for the month of July, The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater, Autumn @Kitty Cat Reads and I decided to do a fancast for the book! We haven’t talked about this to each other so it will be a surprise when we post it!

I found this a little difficult because all the people I kept thinking of were older than high school age. After looking at my picks of actors/actress you will notice that they are all still older than high school age, but I feel like they look the youngest out of the choices I had in my head and than just gave up and decided I didn’t care and these would be the people I picked to star in the movie. I went mainly on looks of who I see in my head while I was reading the book over a combination of personality or such. There are slight (easily fixed) physical features that would have to change on each, but overall I think they are a good depiction of the characters I see in my head! (I will say that I still am not 100% about Adam and Gansey I keep switching them and can’t decide which actor fits best.)


1 2




Maia Mitchell4 5


If you have read the book, I would love to hear from you on your thoughts of my fan cast and who you pictured/would cast to play the parts! I had a fun time doing this and I hope you enjoyed it! Make sure you check out Autumn’s Fancast too @ Kitty Cat Reads!



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