Making Up For Monday [7/28]

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Today’s Question: Is there any books that made you angry? If yes, why?

I feel like this is a terrible question to ask me because I will go off on a rant about all the things. I don’t want to completely tear apart any books because I feel like that is counterproductive to the whole loving books and getting people to love books thing I am trying for! I will list some books that made me angry and I will also list some components in books that make me angry so as to try and not go off on some crazy long rants.

Books I was upset with:

♠ Arena One by Morgan Rice

♠ The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

♠ Dead River by Cyn Balog

(There are many more that I had big problems with parts and such, but recently these three have really frustrated me completely)

Components that make me mad in books:

♠ Love Triangles (when the whole book revolves around the love triangle, don’t get me wrong I do get a little turned off from a book when there is a love triangle, but I can handle it and even somewhat like a book as long as its not the main plot of the story)

♠ Grammer ( There are editors for a reason. And I am not talking about ARC copies, I understand they sometimes have problems. I am referring to finished and published copies that are full of grammatical errors, misspellings etc.)

♠ A weak and dependent main character ( Now sometimes I understand this is necessary and makes a story, but I can’t handle the girls that are so dependent on a guy and never grows or develops. I am not about those needy people)

♠ Unnecessary Fluff ( I am so mad when I am reading a book and half of the book is boring and wasted information just used to fill pages and doesn’t build or lend to the plot at all)

♠ Open endings ( Now this is a really big thing that bothers me personally. I have a huge thing with endings and I understand sometimes an open ending make the story and adds to the overall atmosphere and feeling of the book, but than there are those that leave so many unanswered questions and they are standalones and you never find out what happened)

♠ Obvious sequel ending ( I just recently read The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater and I loved the book as a whole and than there is the ending. The ending ruined some of the book for me because she threw in some unimportant, unnecessary information that lets you know there is another book. I thought it completely ruined that last part of the book. Without that part the reader already knew there had to be another book and it was just pointless and annoying that she added it.)


I think I will stop for now. I could probably go on forever and make a post just about components of books that make me mad (If you would like one let me know). A lot of these are things that I personally dislike and I would love to hear what some of your pet peeves are with books or what makes you mad when reading a book. Or even what books frustrated you to no end! 



4 thoughts on “Making Up For Monday [7/28]

  1. I have come to loathe love triangle. If I know a book has one, I will not read it. I tend to rant a lot about them, so I just avoid like the plague. I completely agree with you on the unnecessary fluff. I hate when there is filler material that only is there to make the book big. I can already feel myself ranting, so I’ll stop there, but great post 🙂


  2. My biggest turn off is a cliffhanger. I can love a book and if it ends on a cliffhanger without the next book being readily available – nothing makes me madder. An example of a book that did that to me recently was The Destiny of Violet & Luke. I knew the author was notorious for cliffhangers but when I finished that book, I wanted to chuck my Kindle across the room, I was so ticked.

    I have issues with love triangles, too. Unless they’re done tastefully, I can’t always stomach them.


  3. Cliffhangers are horrible, but I have found that sometimes they are intriguing and cause me to pick up the next book when I wasn’t completely sold on the first one.


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