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This weeks Top Ten Tuesday topic hosted by Broke and Bookish is Top Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From! This was very hard for me to do because just recently I have gotten on the kick of auto-buying books based on the author so my list won’t contain large numbers. There are a few that I am in love with and own a lot of, but not many. Slowly I am gaining new loves and buying all that they publish.(They will be in order from most owned to least) but here we go.( I am also counting novellas and prequels )











I think I might do an author auto-buy post sometime soon so look out for that!

What are you most owned authors?ย 





20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday| Most Owned Authors

  1. I love how you did this post! Nicholas Sparks was the top of my list, too. Do you still enjoy his books? I’ve lost my excitement for him the past few years and I haven’t tried his newest book. Did you read it?

    You have a great list!

    My TTT


  2. I use to be obsessed with Nicholas Sparks, but to be honest I haven’t read any of his work in a few years. I plan on reading one of his books next month to see if I still enjoy his writing. And no I haven’t read his latest book.


  3. I was obsessed too. I’d buy his book the day it released. The past few books were just meh so I kinda lost interest. The Longest Ride is getting mixed reviews, but I still want to try it sometime.


  4. I really hope I enjoy the book I read next month! I really want to get back into reading his books! I especially like all the movies they make based off his books they are a guilty pleasure of mine ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Yes! Of all book to movie adaptations, his are my favorite. The Notebook is one of my all time favorite movies, and so is A Walk to Remember.

    Which one are you reading next month? Out of all of his books – which one is your favorite?


  6. OMG I love the movie A Walk to Remember (the book was good too but I read it after I saw the movie so I feel in love with the movie first) I am reading The Wedding next month! If I enjoy it I might pick up another one to read (I still have a few I own and haven’t read) And which one is my favorite, thats a hard question because it has been so long (I might need to re-read some), but I think The Notebook and The Rescue !


  7. Love Nicholas Sparks! He was number three on my list. If you haven’t read his latest one The Longest Ride, it’s great! Very reminiscent of The Notebook and probably my favorite to date.


  8. The Rescue is in my top 3 along with A Bend in the Road and The Guardian. I got to meet him once at an event in college and got him to sign my copy of The Guardian. I’d say that one is my favorite. The Wedding is good, and I hope you enjoy it!


  9. I really enjoyed A Bend in the Road, but have yet to read The Guardian yet. I hope I enjoy it too thanks ! I really want to get back into reading these books!


  10. Goodness — I seem to have forgotten to add Laura Ingalls Wilder to my list (how embarrassing)! Wonderful list — love to see Tamora on there!


  11. So excited to see Tamara Pierce on your list! She’s a bit of a hidden gem these days, and I wish more people appreciated her! Alanna will always be my favorite.


  12. I was obsessed with Nicholas Sparks when I was younger so those were the books my parents always bought for me haha. And thanks, I struggled for awhile trying to figure out how to format this post.


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