Diving Back Into Old Loves…

It has been awhile since I have posted a rant/thought type of post! I always feel like I have a lot to say and like getting my thoughts out and hearing thoughts and opinions from others on certain topics. I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and especially if you would like me to create a post on any topics or issues. Okay let me get into the topic of thought…


I recently moved back home and whole putting all my books together with those from my “childhood” I realized how much my book taste has changed. It kind of made me sad looking at my shelves and realizing there are a lot of authors/genres that I haven’t read in forever and have neglected. I own a countless number of historical fiction book regarding WWII. I was in love with history and still to this day I have a huge interest in history and mainly WWII. I took many course in college regarding the topic and can’t believe I haven’t read any historical fiction all year. I also was a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks and would always get the books as presents from family when younger because they all knew about my love. I noticed when I was looking at my shelves there are many I own and have not read yet (which I will be changing this upcoming month). Although I understand you grow out of old favorites and have ever changing interest, there are elements from those books I use to love that I feel like I have been missing and compromising for other books.

So what are your thoughts about going back and reading genres and authors that you use to love (and I don’t mean re-reading books). Do you think there is a point where you just really do not enjoy a certain author or genre. (Also I am not referring to growing out of like from child/middle grade to adult because they still have similar genres across the “age” groups) I guess this can also go with thoughts and opinions on reading YA as an adult. I am all about it and don’t think that there is anything wrong with reading about kids younger than me and such….I would love to hear you thoughts and opinions!


4 thoughts on “Diving Back Into Old Loves…

  1. Some of my tastes have definitely changed over the years. I remember LOVING Piers Anothony’s Xanth series at one point. I decided at the beginning of the year to start re-reading the series… I barely got through the first book. On the other hand, I still love all things dragons, magic and medieval fantasy 🙂


  2. I feel like some of the authors I use to read are up in the air because I haven’t tried to pick them up again, but there are definitely some books I have grown out of. I have never heard of the Xanth series. I also love Dragons ! They are awesome 🙂


  3. I have found that instead of “growing out of genres” I have just changed how I read them. Growing up, there was not a large selection of YA books at my library so when I got a bit tired of only reading Middle grade books, I would read a lot of Christian fiction because it was clean and covered topics appropriate for my age. I read almost solely Christian fiction for a few years, and then I began to branch out into adult fiction and classics a lot more. I found that a lot of Christian fiction is not written very well and often follows a cookie cutter plot, barring a few authors (Francine Rivers, Ted Dekker, Stephen Lawhead, etc) whose books are always amazing.

    I still love to read Christian fiction but I don’t view it as being spectacular literature as much as I did when I was younger. This is not to say that this genre is bad or the authors aren’t good. I have just found that the books no longer supply all of what I want when I read books. I think this is true for all genres for me and so I try to read in all genres as much as possible in order to get the most out of my reading as I can.


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