Friday Reads [8/1]

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UnknownI can’t believe it is already August. I have a lot planned for August. I am participating in a lot of read-a-longs/buddy reads/ and read-a-thons. So I am reading loads of books this weekend! The first book I am reading and one that will probably appear a lot because it is going to be a whole month read is The Seventh Friend by Tim Stead. It is a chunky fantasy novel that I am reading and reviewing for Reading Addictions Virtual Book Tours. (It is about 700 pages and its an e-book, what did I get myself into) So far in is starting off kind of slow and has a lot going on, but it is interesting. (For more information I linked the book picture up to Goodreads so go ahead and give it a click!) I am also starting Confessions of a Working Girl by Miss S.8254976 It is a memoir of a girl who went into the sex industry so its definitely for mature audiences only! The topic is always really interesting to me and especially hearing about a persons life and experiences with it. I probably won’t be writing up a review of it on my blog because of the content, but I am finding it quite amusing so far. I also will probably pick up Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and get through a few chapters of that. It will be my first time reading it and I am participating in a read-a-long for the month of August so I want to stretch out my read of it and really enjoy it. I also plan on picking up Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson and getting some it read because it is the Book of the Month for the Future Cat Ladies of America Book Club that I am a part of alongside Autumn @ Kitty Cat Reads! If you haven’t read it and want to you should join with us! I will link up the post we did about the book club this month! I think that is enough and a quite ambitious list! To follow my updates you can check out my twitter @downthebookhole!


What are you reading/ planning on reading this weekend?



5 thoughts on “Friday Reads [8/1]

  1. All the books sound awesome! I hope you enjoy reading them. I’m planning on having a read-a-thon with my best friend this month and we’re trying to get people in, so far it’s just us two haha. What kinds of read-a-thons are you planning on doing?


  2. I am participating in the Dusting off your Shelfs by Emily @ Books & Cleverness on wordpress its reading books that have been sitting on your shelves for more than 6 months from Aug 1st-15th and than bout of books from the 18-24th and I have a post about that!


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