Friday Reads [8/8]

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imagesI am still participating in the Dusting off the Shelf Read-a-Thon hosted by Emily @ Books & Cleverness. I have already completed 4 books and I can’t even believe it! I am currently reading Tithe by Holly Black. This is a book I have been putting off for too long. Autumn @ Kitty Cat Reads has been telling me I should read this for like ever and I even own the rest of the trilogy so I really want to marathon the series! It is about a girl named Kaye who is like a modern day nomad, always moving around with her mom and she believes in faeries! So far it is really interesting and a really fast pace read.Unknown

I am also still reading through The Seventh Friend by Tim Stead. I am only about 25% of the way through this book, but it is shaping up to be a really intriguing and action packed fantasy story, with war, gods and interesting kingdoms and world! I don’t really know what else will be read this weekend. I have kind of just been picking up what I want to read based on my mood and it is really helping with me flying through some books! So if you would like to keep up with what I am reading throughout the weekend follow me on twitter @downthebookhole or check out my goodreads

 What are you reading or planning on reading this weekend?


4 thoughts on “Friday Reads [8/8]

  1. It’s been so long since I read Tithe; I don’t even remember if I finished the series! I’ll have to try to find the book(s) in my room and give them another go. I’m having an itch for faerie books lately..


  2. Thanks! I have just been avoiding life and doing nothing but reading. So far I am really enjoying it. I don’t know what I expected but it is definitely so different than I thought it would be ( in a good way!)


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