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So this is the first installment of my new feature: Book Blogger Shout-Out! The purpose of this is to showcase some awesome book bloggers! Since I am still in a beta test stage I asked Autumn to be my guinea pig! Autumn is my real life friend and we both share a great love for books and all that other great nerdy stuff! Although of late she has been really busy and not able to blog much, when she does her posts are super awesome. She does co-run Book of the Month with with! Which is the our Future Cat Ladies of America Book Club! (linked is our intro post/july BOTM) You can also check out our goodreads group to keep up with what we are reading and to join us in future months. Anyways, I had asked for suggestions for a guest post topic for Autumn and below is her wonderful post and information!



sidebar-photoI’m Autumn. A twenty-something Midwestern girl who frequently falls in love with fictional worlds and the people that inhabit them. I tend to favor YA fiction, fantasy and science fiction with the occasional biography thrown in the mix, but if it comes with a good review from a friend I’ll give anything a chance. When I’m not reading you’ll usually find me binge watching television, posting pictures of my cats on Instagram, or painting my nails (sometimes I even try to do all three at once).


(In no specific order!)

1. Ronan Lynch (The Raven Boys) – There aren’t a whole lot of characters that get the Love of My Life title from me (and honestly, most of them are from television, not books) but Ronan is 100% deserving of it. I love everything about him and I doubt there will ever be a point where I don’t want to know more about him.

2. Jonathan of Conté (Tortall series) – I have a love/have (read ‘hate’ as ‘extremely annoyed with and want to slap him upside the head’) relationship with Jon throughout all of the Tortall books, when it comes down to it I think my love for him is much like Alanna’s is – she loves him with all her heart, and would do anything for him, but she could never be with him.

3. Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter series) – I think I was eight years old when I first started these books (my third grade teacher read Sorcerer’s Stone to our class) and Draco has always been my darling of the series, I stood by him through it all.

4. Domitan of Masbolle (Tortall series) – He may be a minor character in the books, but he’s the main character in my heart. Not kidding, I am in love with Dom – every passage involving him (even if he’s only being mentioned by other characters) is marked in my copies of Squire and Lady Knight, and they’ve been marked since I first read the books, when I was eleven!

5. Dimitri Belikov (Vampire Academy) – I don’t really feel like I need to explain this one, do I?

6. Khal Drogo (A Game of Thrones) – I fell in love with him before I even knew Jason Momoa would be playing him (and was that perfect casting or what?), and every time he calls Dany “moon of my life” I melt.

7. Liam Ironarm (Tortall series) – The Shang Dragon is essentially the perfect man, and I am forever in denial about the end of Lioness Rampant (I cry every time I re-read it, which is a lot).

8. Éomer (Lord of the Rings) – I’ve always thought that if I lived in Middle Earth the Riddermark would be my home (I think about this a lot, shut up), and there is no one more representative of that place than Éomer (Karl Urban isn’t so bad to look at either).

9. Alcide Herveaux (Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood series) – This one is sort of a cheat since I haven’t actually read the books yet, but I loved him so much in the show I have no doubt that I’ll love him when I finally get a chance to read the series.

10. Nawat Crow (Tortall series) – He’s just so adorable! Every scene between him and Aly is swoon-worthy, he learns to be human for her, and they proceeds to be the most precious human being to ever exist. I dare you not to fall in love with him!

Honorable mentions go to Jace Wayland (Mortal Intruments series; awful movie casting lost him his spot on the list), Raoul of Goldenlake and Malorie’s Peak (Tortall series, I have so much love for the Giant Killer but I felt like I already had too many Tortall boyfriends), and Thomas (The Maze Runner, sort of boring book characterization lost him a spot on the list but Dylan O’Brien saved his spot in the honorable mentions).

Make sure to check out her blog and other social media!


Twitter: @KittyCatReads
Goodreads: Autumn


I would love to hear thoughts on this new feature. If you have any questions or comments for Autumn make sure to leave them here and she will be checking on it or head over to her blog! Look out for the next book blogger!


4 thoughts on “Book Blogger Shout-Out | Autumn @Kitty Cat Reads

  1. Ok I need to read this Tortall series. It sounds awesome!
    Draco Malfoy would be on my list too!
    I completely agree with the honorable mentions of Jace Wayland from The Mortal Instruments & Thomas from The Maze Runner.

    Awesome new feature! I like it and look forward to seeing your future ones 🙂
    -Amanda @ Within Pages

    Liked by 1 person

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