Making Up For Monday {8/18}

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Today’s Question: How do you feel about giving negative reviews? 

This is a tough and complex topic to talk about. As much as I hate giving a book a negative review because I know how much work the author has but into it, it is something that is necessary. By necessary I mean that it is important to be honest when writing reviews. Authors much like other people in entertainment have to know that not everyone will enjoy and/or find their work as exemplary. Criticism is tough, but proves a purpose. It helps to make products better in the future or know how to better promote or market their product.

It is always really tough for me when I receive a book for review from an author or publisher to write a negative review. I try to be as honest as possible and showcase the positives of a book. I think it is important to express the reasons for why you did not enjoy or like the book, but I don’t think it needs to be with malice or rudely done. There is a nice way to share honest critics and problems. I am also aware that there are books that I can dislike, but others really enjoy. For that reason I really try to make points of enjoyment (positives) and express what it was that I thought had potential and liked so that others who were interested would know all of my opinions on the book.

Also it is hard sometimes to give negative reviews to a book that has a lot of hype and is greatly enjoyed/loved by the greater public because I always question my thoughts and feelings about the book, but ultimately I have to not allow others to contribute to my overall thoughts on a book.

What are you thoughts and opinions about giving negative reviews and the overall review process of books? I would love to have a discussion and hear others comments on the topic.


3 thoughts on “Making Up For Monday {8/18}

  1. I felt really awful the first time I did a negative review but then I remembered I write my blog primarily to voice my opinions and if I don’t like something I want to be upfront about it. I think it’s fair for the reader. I don’t agree with bloggers who don’t review books they don’t like, seems like a waste of time. People need to know what to look out for and what they might want to avoid!

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  2. Same here especially when you are given a book to review I feel it is always necessary to share your thought whether you like it or not . Thanks for the comment. I love when people add in on discussion topics !


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