Making Up For Monday {8/25}

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Hosted by: An Avid Reader; A Wannabe Writer

Today’s Question: Which author have you read the most books from?

I would say this question coincides with my most owned author (pretty much). The Little House Series by Laura Ingalls Wilder is made up of 9 books! This was my favorite series as a child and I really want to get around to reading them again. I feel like really soon this will not be the same answer, but for now we are taking it back to my childhood and an amazing author, Laura Ingalls Wilder!

Who is your most read author?


5 thoughts on “Making Up For Monday {8/25}

  1. I used to love Laura Ingalls Wilder when I was younger! Have you read the spin-off books that are based off of her relatives? My favorite is her great-grandmother Martha’s because I love the British Isles and it takes place in Scotland. Also, my most-read author is Rick Riordan at 13 books.

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  2. I have read a few of the spin off ones and have recently been trying to collect them all since my parents bought me like #3 in one and #5 in another so they are in order. But it is very difficult to find them anymore. I recently found and purchased all of the Rose years but still need most of Martha, Caroline and Charlotte. I have yet to read any of Rick Riordan, but own some so I really need to read them!


  3. My great-grandma used to collect them so I have odd numbers of all of them. I actually don’t remember if I read Rose’s books. I might’ve discovered Anne of Green Gables by then. You should really read some Rick Riordan! Percy Jackson is my life.


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