Second Chance Summer { Final Reactions}

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 THOUGHTS | Chapters 21-40

* WARNING this post will contain spoilers and probably too much personal information about Autumn @Kitty Cat Reads and I. So if you haven’t yet read Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson I would recommend closing your eyes/computer/tab or anything else that might ruin the book for you. 

♠ Last 50 pages saved the book. Very effective writing (Autumn)

♠ Still love Warren! He is so cute with all of his facts.

♠ Autumn loves that her dads favorite poem is The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S Eliot.

♠ I was annoyed with Taylor still and just some of the things she did. Especially not being able to say I love you.

♠ The end was incredibly sad, to be expected.

♠ I loved the Casablanca references!!!

♠ This book had a hard time conveying a story a lot of it was hard to get through.

♠ The “huge” event was so anti-climatic and was such irrelevant drama compared to everything else going on in her life.

– We both feel like we are very good reviewers of contemporary because we don’t really read it a lot.
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