Top Ten Tuesday | Top Characters That Would Be At My Lunch Table

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This weeks Top Ten Tuesday topic hosted by Broke and Bookish is Top Ten Book Characters That Would Be Sitting At My Lunch Table! I am taking this as those characters who would be my closest friends since that is who I sat with in school. So in no particular order these are the awesome book characters that I would be honored to call my friends and would be the ones to hang out with me at lunch during school! I decided to take a little different route with this

THE BEST FRIENDRose Hathaway from The Vampire Academy Series: Do I even need to explain this one. Rose is a kick ass female who is very loyal and would do anything for her friends. Not to mention she is so sassy and we would be so sarcastic together.

THE JOKER– Kenji from The Shatter Me Trilogy: He is also an awesome friend and super funny! We would probably get into a lot of trouble and have some great witty banter!

THE TROUBLEMAKERLocke Lamora from The Gentleman Bastard Series: He is extremely intelligent and quite the con artist. He has a great wit about him and seems to make situations very entertaining. He would be able to talk his way out of all the trouble we get into.

THE HARD WORKER- Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles: Cinder is very intelligent and has a way with her hands and mechanics. She works well under pressure and is able to creatively think her way out of problems.

THE PROM QUEENSara McKinley from The Breathing Trilogy: Although she is kind of a secondary character, she is my favorite! She is friends and loved by everyone. She is beautiful, has a large personality, is a very loyal friend and someone that would drop everything for her friends.

THE KIND HEARTEDPeeta Mellark from the Hunger Games Trilogy: Do I need to justify this one. He is the ultimate sweetheart. He is so compassionate and a wonderful person.

THE CRUSH –  Conrad Fisher from The Summer Trilogy: He is like the perfect crush worthy character! He is quite and strong, sometimes coming off as an ass. A broken and an injured soul who gives all he has and can be a huge romantic! 

THE PARTY GIRLAlaska Young from Looking for Alaska: When I think of spontaneous, outgoing, fun characters she is who comes to mind. She is always up for a good time and would be loads of fun to hang out with.

THE ATHLETEBoy Nobody from The Unknown Assassin Series: He is a trained teenage assassin. If that doesn’t scream in shape and athletic I don’t know what does. Although unlike other assassin types he does seem to have a concious and his relationship with Howard is awesome!

THE BRAINGansey from The Raven Cycle : There is no question that Gansey is extremely clever and intelligent. He is quite the academic and that is definitely a winning quality in my mind! It is no secret I love reading and I also love learning and all that good stuff as well so I think we would be such good friends!


Who would be sitting at your lunch table? 




15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Top Characters That Would Be At My Lunch Table

  1. Oh I love how you set this out!! It’s brilliant, really. I’d certainly enjoy sitting at your table. I’d be the crazy-yet-quite friend 😛


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