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I have decided to add a new feature to my little blog! Now I will make this clear, I am not an expert at anything and don’t know everything. I just wanted to create this to share the knowledge I have acquired and help other bloggers out!  I need to thank many other bloggers for where I am as a blogger. So here are some tips and tricks (I am a book blogger so they are geared to that) that I have learn for gaining followers and broadening my subscriber base. These have helped to promote my blog and make it more widely known which has lead me to other opportunities in the book community!


Social Media will be your best friend! Social media has really helped me to get my name out there and has allowed me to be in contact and meet/talked to so many people. I have a goodreads account in which I add all of my reviews to and keep updates as to what I am reading and such. I also have my link to my blog in the info bar. As well as having that account I have it linked up to my blog so it shows what I am currently reading on the sidebar. I also link up book synopsis and book titles up to goodreads in my blog posts. I have a tumblr and twitter directly linked up to my blog. It is a tumblr and twitter account specifically created for my blog and has my blog post linked up to post to them as well. This helps to broaden your follower base by reaching out to other forms in which people who do not have a blog use, but still allows them to see you posts!


Make yourself known personally, reach out to others and participate. In order to get your name out there and make others familiar with your blog you have to be active in the blogging community. Whatever platform you use for blogging there are newsfeeds set up to follow those posts from the blog you follow and you can also use bloglovin which allows you to follow others blogs that use different sites for blogging or their own domain. Make sure you spend some time and look through others blogs and comment and interact with those bloggers. There are quite a few bloggers I comment and talk back and forth with quite often. By doing this I have been able to do joint blog posts and buddy reads with others which is really fun and helps to reach out to different people and bloggers! Read-a-thons are another good way to do this whether it be a blogger held read-a-thon, one hosted by a book tuber on youtube or even a bigger known one such as Bout of books (next one is in January I believe) or Dewey 24 hour read-a-thon (coming up in October). By doing these I have been able to find new blogs and also received new followers. They are really fun to participate in and usually have challenges and giveaways. I recently signed up to host a challenge for Bout of Books and was so shocked and surprised how many people participated in it! Also by following authors and publishers on twitter I have had opportunities to sign up to host on blog tours where I have been just given information to post and that helps with traffic to the blog.


It is important to remain consistent. Start yourself a blogging schedule. I blog at least once everyday, but you don’t have to go that far. People like to know when to look out for your posts and what posts you are doing so forming a schedule helps with that. There are certain posts I normally do each day.

Monday: Making Up For Monday- a meme created by An Avid Reader; A Wannabe Writer.
Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday- created by Broke and Bookish 
Wednesday: I usually try to post some reviews or other features I do on my blog like How To, Book Blogger Shout-out or announcing participating in something book related.
Thursday: Third Sentence Thursday: created by Thats What She Read 
Friday: Friday Reads- in which I share what I am currently reading or planning on reading for the weekend/next week.
Saturday: Swoon Worthy Saturday hosted by Stay Bookish . Saturdays are usually when post are put up for the Book Of The Month FCLA Book Club!
Sunday: I usually try to post some reviews or other features I do on my blog like How To, Book Blogger Shout-out or announcing participating in something book related.

There are so many other daily post that other bloggers participate in and here is a good site that includes a good list of them. It is important to create your own schedule and feel for your blog that expresses your interest and determines your blogging personality. Also creating different or unique features that are just yours also creates more intrigue. That also goes along with the formatting and vibe of your blog. Trying to remain consistent with how your blog looks and how your post are formatted is important as well so that followers know what to expect. Tagging on your post and categorizing your posts also help to make your blog searchable on the internet and make your blog easier to navigate!


Well this is kind of a long post so I will end it there! I hope this has been helpful information and if you have an advice or questions I would love to hear from you! Look out for more How To… features on my blog and if you have any suggestions of what you would like me to do please comment below about that as well! Thanks for reading and best of luck on your blogging experiences!
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  1. Awesome post! I’m just starting out (I’ve been blogging for about 3ish months now) and am still nailing down all the details and the schedule.


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