Out of Breath by Rebecca Donovan | Book Review


Genre: YA (Bordering New Adult), Contemporary

Format: Audiobook

“Remember there is always a choice. I chose to live. I chose to love. I chose to breathe.”
– Rebecca Donovan, Out of Breath

Series: Breathing Trilogy
Reason To Breath (Breathing #1)
Barely Breathing (Breathing #2)

Synopsis: Emma leaves Weslyn and everyone in it behind to attend Stanford University, just as she always intended. A shell of her former self, she is not the same girl. She is broken, and the only way that she’ll be whole again is through forgiveness. Emma must find a way to forgive herself and recognize her own worth before she can receive the love she deserves. This final installment will have readers holding their breath until the very last page. [Goodreads]

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* Warning this is the last book in a series and this review might contain spoilers for the previous books*

I have too many feelings that I don’t even know if I will be able to make a understandable review. The conclusion to Emma’s story had my on the edge of my seat. It took me on a wild emotional ride that left me frustrated, my heart ripped into pieces, and wishing for a guy like Evan. Where can I find a love like Emma and Evan’s?

The first half or so of this book I was really annoyed with Emma and frustrated with the choices she made and was making. I was afraid that this book was going to be a huge disappointment to an amazing Breathing Series. As the story unraveled I came to understand more of the choices being made and could start to understand exactly what Emma was going through. The dual perspective, surprisingly was another aspect that I greatly enjoyed. This is a big statement for me to make because I hate when this happens, when the first two books are in one point of view and than the last book chances to dual point of view. But I thought that it added immensely to the overall story, not to mention that I love Evan and the fact that the first half of the book he was missing made me upset. I also adored the friendships in this book. The lengths that all of Emma’s friends went for her and how much they truly cared for her was beautiful. I could only hope that if my friend was going through such situations that I would be able to be there for them and give my all in the ways that Sara, Meg and Serena.

The ups and downs that Emma and Evan go through are so raw and real. I feel like Donovan really did this story justice and was able to orchestrate a story and relationship that was so full of love, emotion and the learning of how to trust and forgive. The darker contemporary was so gritty and shows that all relationships have flaws both friendships and romantic relationships, but that through all there are people in your life that will do everything and anything for you.

The ending was beautiful and didn’t end in some cheesy way. It was realistic and was the perfect way to end this story because it brought the series full circle (in my opinion) Overall I thought this was a wonderful series, full of emotion and a true heart wrenching story covering some dark contemporary material.


Audiobook rating: 4.5/5

Series rating: 4/5


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