The Maze Runner | Movie Edition

DYLAN O’BRIEN! I am obsessed with him and the fact that he is in this movie was a driving force for me to go see it in theaters! I was not a huge fan of the book, the concept was really interesting and the story reminded me of Lord of the Flies by William Golding, which I loved. I did have some problems and annoyances with the book and was hoping that it would transfer over to film better. It was just one of those stories that has some great components that if well done could be awesome as a book adaptation. I feel like it is hard to talk about my feelings towards the movie because I am clouded by Dylan and think everything he appears in is fantastic because he is just amazing! I will try to break it down and get my thoughts into coherent words.

So my thoughts on the movie…. Overall I thought it was a solid book to movie adaptation (but not as good as Harry Potter or Hunger Games)  It was amazing to see the maze and the glade. It was not how I imagined it while I was reading, but it was huge and awesome and I thought it worked out so well! I read the book about a year ago, but for the most part I felt like the characters were true to the book. I loved the castings and all the actors and actress really did a great job! The movie was packed with action and really brought the book to life. I did feel like the movie moved too fast and felt rushed, even though it covered all the main points in the book. It just felt like it was missing something though. I think there were just somethings in the book (or at least I think I remember it happening) that I wish was in the movie. When reading the book I found I was greatly annoyed with the slang, language and repetition of some event and felt like it was a lot easier to handle in the movie and wasn’t nearly as bad or excessive. Of course it ended on a cliff hanger, making you want more, but I am glad to see they are in the works to continue on with the other books.

So those are just a few of my thoughts! I would love to hear what you thought of the book or movie!

The Maze Runner review 


Just look at him!


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