So Behind! Review-A-Thon | Wrap-Up



The So Behind! Review-A-Thon is hosted by Krystal at Books Are My Thing. The point of the So Behind! Review-A-Thon is to spend the weekend catching up and lessening the stress of being behind on your reviews. Anyone who writes reviews, whether on their blog, Goodreads, Amazon, etc. can participate! The review-a-thon will run from October 10-12. The only requirements of participating are that you write a quick goals post and a wrap-up post. Your review goals can be whatever you need to work on, whether it be to write X amount of reviews, finishing your draft reviews, catching up on your ARC reviews, anything! Link up with your goals post here! To keep us all motivated and writing, use #SoBehindReviews on Twitter to discuss how things are going!


I have really been falling behind on my reviews and even though I felt like I accomplished quite a lot this weekend I still have so many reviews to catch up on. I have just been putting reading before reviews.


Finish all in draft reviews I still have about six draft reviews that I need to complete. 
At least complete 8 out of the 12 reviews I was able to complete 6 reviews and get them posted. Most of them were ones from the beginning of the year so it felt good to be able to get those done. 
♠ Reformat some of my old reviews I was actually to get a good majority of this done. I still have quite a few to go through and complete, but I am feeling good about my progress! 


So it was a lot more successful than I thought, but I still have a lot to catch up on and need to get it done soon because it is stressing me out.





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