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So if you have been around on my blog you will know of my new feature: Book Blogger Shout-Out! The purpose of this is to showcase some awesome book bloggers! The last few months I featured Autumn @Kitty Cat Reads and Cristina @  Girl in the Pages. This month I was reached out to do a guest post and we decided to guest post on each others blogs. Mimi @Mariam Mimi’s Bookish Blog has a youtube channel and some really informative posts about how to start a blog with some great tips and advice. She also has a great post about why she started and does booktube!

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me-w-green-mug You are not who you were 2 years ago and neither am I. You may have dressed weirder, talked like a 13-year-old in a 25-year-old’s body, and I’m sure I did too. I’ve felt the need to be perfect and maybe you have too. But the beauty of being a female is that you are a work in progress, and you’re not going to be the perfect size, have the perfect hair, make-up or fashion ALL the time. You will not always be the perfect mother, daughter, or sister.

We have bad days.
And we are beautiful.

I happen to be a blogger. I’ve been a blogger since I was in high school and have always written in journals. I’ve had blogs on blogspot, wordpress, livejournal, deadjournal, diaryland, and penzu….I could go on, but I wont. You get the idea. =)

For this blog, I decided on WordPress because this summer I found an online community for one of my great loves — #books! And many booktubers use wordpress for their book blogs — so, TA-DA that’s the reason I’m here on WordPress. I also have an app on my phone for WordPress so I can blog on-the-go. Plus it has some really cool sidebar widgets that other blogs don’t have…..



Smoke by Ellen Hopkins (sequel to Ellen Hopkins’s Burned)

Genre: Young Adult

smoke image by ellen hopkin

Smoke is about Pattyn & Jackie, two daughters of the Von Stratton family whose father has recently died. This takes place in a small town in Nevada where Pattyn runs away to California and tries to find a way to survive as a 17-year-old whose never lived barely a few miles away from home. Jackie is still at home trying to cope with her local rapist and the town’s Jackie-bashing. This book is written in free verse and reads like a story.

I read books about characters I can relate to, that help me broaden my view of the world, and evoke my empathy and compassion for people. This book did all that and more!! Both Jackie and Pattyn, two girls, are insecure about their own bodies and the town’s criticism of them despite the fact that they come from a broken home with no father and a mom who can’t handle her 5 kids.

There’s a family in this book who, though are supposedly nonviolent, attacked people through paper. “They shoot at their perceived enemies / with paper ammunition-filing false / liens and fake 1099s, disrupting / the lives of their targets…” Their children are into drugs are don’t shy away from killing people they don’t like. The girls also struggle with loving someone who isn’t right for them, and maybe one who is “I feel the ghostly impression / of his mouth, inhale the soap scent / I first smelled on his pillow back in / Vacaville. I should pull away, move / off the sofa, leave this house, and / hurry to my room. But I don’t want / to be alone.” Will they end up in healthy, loving, relationships?

My Visual Prop and Gift:

pattyns gift with cut off

I choose Pattyn to whom I would like to gift a shoe box with a some cash and some powder to foundation. Money to help her on her new life in California. The powder-foundation for when she feels down and wants to look pretty — not too much make-up, but just putting something on might lift her spirits while she lives away from home. Finally, the shoebox, so she can write down a diary and keep her secrets. It’s safe, as no one would think to look in shoe box to find a person’s secret thoughts. Just receipts or, well, shoes.

I would recommend the book to ages 14 and up who have dealt with adverse issues, or can read about sensitive issue with maturity. There are no explicit sexual details, but there are gay characters and murders.

If you know me, you know I only read books I really enjoy. Most books I don’t like get dropped by page 50 and I end up not finishing them. I adored this book as it met every expectation of a story. I read all 544 pages. Forgiving the few lulls in the book, I will give it a 5 out of 5 Cups of Coffee and will be reading not only the prequel but I am already reading Tilt, my 2nd Ellen Hopkins novel.

Thank you for reading!!

– Mariam aka Mimi


Make sure to check out her blog and other social media!M&M Mariam badge with border

Twitter:  @emancipatedmimi
Goodreads: Mimi
Youtube Channel: Mariam Misty 

I would love to hear thoughts on this new feature. If you have any questions or comments for Mimi make sure to leave them here or head over to her blog! Look out for the next book blogger!


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