The Fault In Our Stars | Movie Edition

So I actually didn’t think I would ever watch this movie. I was not the hugest fan of the book and I do not think that it was a unique enough story that being a movie it wouldn’t stand out or be much different than other movies out there about cancer. TFIOS was truthful, raw and layered with humor.

I will admit that I enjoyed the movie. I found that I liked it more than the book. There were still some issues that I had with the book that carried over to the movie. And of course I teared up, I feel like it is hard not to with a movie that covers such hard life things as loss and cancer. I felt that the movie stayed very true to the book which is always a big concern when watching a book adaptation. I did feel like some of the dialogue was just weird and awkward and the actors looked awkward during it.

Overall I think it was the actors that brought the book to life and gave me something I felt the book was lacking. I am not a huge fan of Shailene and think she did an okay job, but I thought Ansel was perfect!

I would love to hear what you thought of the book or movie!

The Fault in our Stars Book Review 


4 thoughts on “The Fault In Our Stars | Movie Edition

  1. I loved both the book and the movie, and maybe it’s because I’ve seen the movie more recently than I read the book but I happened to like the movie almost – dare I say it – more than the book?! Sometimes John Green’s writing was a little too wordy for me, but I still adore it! 🙂


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