Friday Reads [11/14]

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887877Not like I wasn’t already taking on too much by reading two huge books at the same time, but I also started another book and an audiobook. Not that I am not enjoying the two bigger books I am reading, but they take longer to read which starts to put me in a reading slump. I am still reading Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch and I am about halfway through it! It is getting to the part with pirates and I am so excited! I also have just about 200 pages left in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 6by J.K Rowling. This one is by far my favorite in the series so far! It is really making me want to watch the movie like right now! Because both of these books are 700+ pages I recently picked up I Want It That Way by Ann Aguirre which is a New Adult novel, the first in her new trilogy. I am really enjoying it so far and is providing a nice break between the bigger books. It is an enticing read that has some swoony men and reminds me of my time in college! Like reading I want it that waythese three weren’t enough I picked The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood back up on audiobook. I like having an audiobook to listen to those nights I have a hard time falling asleep and had set this down awhile ago because I kept falling asleep too fast and wasn’t getting very far into it. I am really enjoying it though and find the concept to be intriguing. It is a dystopian that is quite scary because I can see it becoming a reality and in The Handmaid's Tale parts of the world things to a similar extent are happening like this.

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun or exciting happening ? What are you reading/planning on reading? I would love to hear from you!    


2 thoughts on “Friday Reads [11/14]

  1. Harry Potter rocks! The audiobook sounds intriguing!

    I’ve 50 pages left of Gone with the wind, so I’ll probably finish it this weekend. I don’t want it to end though. It has been a great book to read, never a dull moment in all its 1020 pages. I’ll also finish The Christmas Train, a short story and will start The Job by Janet Evanovich.

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  2. red skiess and red seas looks interesting!!!! goblet of fire is scary as heck. it’s soo long. I read the first two harry potters and 2/3 of prisoner of azkaban…..goblet of fire looms over my head cuz it’s next.


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